Bus Spring Rocker

  • Price : $347.00
  • Size : 900 x 450 x 900mm

The wheels on the Spring Rocker Bus go round and round all through the day for the ultimate fun and excitement of your little one as he or she rocks away. This spring loaded rocker is ready for your child to climb inside and take off on a new adventure whenever he or she desires. The Spring Rocker Bus features an easy grip handle for small hands and a comfortable and safe seat. Its bright colors of red, yellow, and blue, will have your child excited to climb on in and take a ride. This bus also features windows and wheels for an added experience. There is no telling where all your little one will go while the wheels are turning and the spring is rocking.

The incredible ride on toy is made of high quality and durable plastic that is approved safe by the CPSIA. Its solid steel spring coil is generously spaced to keep your child safe when riding and is durable enough to last for several years of bus riding adventures.

These are the perfect addition to an outdoor play set or to add to an outdoor playground at a school or nursery for the little ones between the ages of two and six to enjoy. There is no better way to put a little bounce in playtime and keep the kids entertained than with the Spring Rocker Bus that they are sure to love.

This will be a great addition to your child’s outdoor area or to keep the kids occupied while they are at the playground and all that you will have to pay is $347.00. Your children will be taking many rides on the bus of fun, experiencing great adventures all the live long day and never leaving your backyard or playground.

Traveling by bus has never been this much fun and your little ones will definitely be thanking you for this great new toy that will take them all through the town. The best part is, they will never even have to leave the backyard.