Brisbane Deluxe Cubby House

The Brisbane Deluxe cubby house is your child's dream backyard toy. Once they have access to play in it, they will never want to stop. And they don't have to! They can play all day long, running around most of the time and take a break while reading in the cubby. The decks are spacious places for kids to play and are railed in, so even your little ones can be outside but in a safe place. The Brisbane cubby is perfect for families that are still growing and will last until your little ones aren't so little anymore.

When kids have the opportunity to play safely outside, they are able to grow in ways they would not otherwise be able to do. They breath in fresh air, strengthening their muscles, heart and lungs, making them stronger for the rest of their life. They learn to have a healthy respect for the great outdoors and will seek out activities to be outdoors more often. Kids build their large motor muscles by running, jumping, skipping and playing. Being outside enjoying their cubby house will help your kids use their muscles like other outdoor toy can. They will grow up stronger with better reflexes and large motor skills than kids who never get to play outside.

Made from fine Australian timber that is sanded down to a smooth finish, at PlayCubb we only use the best materials because it ensures that your cubby house will stand up to heat and rain. We want your child to be able to use their outdoor toy for their entire childhood, so we build out cubby houses to last. And we keep their safety in mind with our safety features, like glassless windows and splinter-less wood. Parents can be reassured in knowing that their children are playing safely at home in their own backyard.

There are many accessories available for your cubby house and added toys that can take your cubby and make it a playground. You can add a full or half door, a skylight, a flower box outside the widows or a letter box. Playcubb has various swing sets and monkey bars to add to your outdoor play area too. Whatever you are looking for in outdoor toys, we can help you put the playground together.

Our cubby houses come in kits that are made for the average weekend handyman to put together easily. The instructions are clear and each piece is marked. We are available to help by email and phone as we want you to be as happy with our product as we are. We deliver all over Australia.