Blue Mini Monkey Bars

  • Price : $597.00
  • Size : 3200 x 900 x 1800mm

Monkey Mini is ideal for a family that has a small backyard or a garden. It is one of the smallest monkey bars offered by Playcubb. The climbing frame is built with premium quality of raw materials ensuring safety and longevity of the monkey bar. It is one of the essential equipment, if you want to provide a personal playground for your kids.

Obesity cases, in children are on the rise these days. One of the major reasons for this trend is lack of daily physical exercise habit in children. Monkey Mini provides that missing element in their routine as the monkey bar can help your kid burn calories in no time.

Monkey bars are the oldest and the most fundamental playground equipment, which is liked by children on every age. Monkey Mini would not be a onetime attraction for children (like toys normally are), but something that they will cherish throughout their childhood.

The height of the monkey bar is appropriate for children of all ages. This monkey bar will be a source of an adventure for the kids. It will not only make their fantasies come alive but at the same time look after their fitness. The color of the monkey bar will attractive to all children; whether male or female.