Benefits of Kids Running Around Their Cubby House

When kids play with their cubby houses and forts, they jump, climb the rock walls, swing on the swings and they run around. They actually run around a lot! They jump from the swing and run into the cubby or they'll slide down the slide and run up to do it all again. And if they are engaged in social play with their friends they tend to run around even more. All of this running is great exercise because you don't have to run a race or jog a couple of miles to get the benefits of running. Running in spurts for a few hours while you are playing outside works too! Here are some of the great benefits your kids are getting from running around their cubby house or fort:

Helps them maintain a healthy weight. Kids today are getting heavy with all of the processed foods and lack of exercise. Running around their cubby will help them take off and keep off the pounds.

Running helps relieve stress. Yes, kids have stress too. School, homework, monsters under the bed - all stressors for children. When they run around, stress goes away. This will help them have a healthy appetite and get better rest at night.

It will help boast their confidence. When kids do active things like running and acting out their adventures, they feel a greater sense of confidence and empowerment.

Running helps develop large and small motor skills. It builds strong muscles that will help kids do better in sports and other activities.

Running helps decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This disease is running rampant in those who do not keep themselves active.

Exercise like running increases the flow of blood to the brain. The blood delivers oxygen and glucose, which the brain needs for heightened alertness and mental focus. Because of this, exercise makes it easier for children to learn.

Sundance Cubby House

cubby house

This sprawling elevated cubby would work great as the main attraction in a childcare facility play yard or as the backyard fun zone that all the neighborhood kids will be begging to experience first-hand. Our cubbies are well made and an easy DIY project that everyone can take part in. Once put together, decorate the cubby any way you see fit and let the good times commence!

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