The Banana Pak Cubby Fort

Kids cubby forts, like the Banana Pak,
are amazing outside toys!

The Banana Pak Cubby Fort is a fantastic outdoor wooden fort that is constructed above ground and is elevated several feet above the ground. It is the perfect outdoor adventure playground for just one child, but as it is nearly 5 meters in width and nearly 2.5 meters in depth there is plenty of floor space to fit 3 or 4 happy kids.

If your aim is to get the kids outdoors more and away from the digital distractions which seem to turn them into sedentary blobs and stifle their imaginations, then the Banana Pak wooden fort is the perfect diversion to get them outdoors in the sunlight and fresh air.

This sturdy outdoor wooden fort has plenty of play space measuring 4.8 meters in width and 2.4 meters in depth allowing elbow room for several kids at a time meaning they won't get under each others feet while playing together or doing their own thing. The Banana Pak comes with a watertight pitched roof that covers the entire structure allowing kids to play safely during rain and also giving shade during the harsh summer months.

You can choose from seven different roof colours for your wooden fort. Some people are able to match the roof colour with that of their house which helps to integrate the play fort with the surroundings.

The Playcubb Banana Pak has 3 sets of wooden steps leading up to the platform area, located at the front, left and right of the play fort. Sturdy wooden rails support the steps so your kids can ascend and descend safely, even in a hurry as games of chase are bound to happen often. Some parents place sandpits around the stair cases making for better safety and adding another dimension of play to the Banana Pak.

On the back wall is a potential window space which can be added as an accessory or you can just paint the space with blackboard paint and Dad can add a little shelf where chalk and a duster can be stored so the little ones can scribble and draw to their hearts content adding even more play value to the outdoor fort.

Playcubb has a wide variety of extras and accessories that you can add to your Banana Pak wooden fort. You can make the fort more like home by adding a letter box at the front, kids love having a letter box and you can get them writing letters and delivering them as the postman. If you want your children to develop green fingers and a respect for growing and nurturing then add a flower box to the back wall where you can teach them to grow flowers or herbs from seeds.

The Banana Pak kids wooden fort is perfect to get the kids outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight and out from under your feet all day.