Alice Land Cubby House

The Alice Land, a popular cubby house kit
for sale here at Playcubb!

The Alice Land Cubby house will turn your child's whole world into a magical place - and they won't have to fall down a rabbit hole to get there. This on-ground cubby has the cutest design that will really complement your backyard landscaping. It has a railed in covered porch, so your kids can be out of the sun or rain without having to go 'inside'. It has three large glassless windows, the one up front can be used to play store as it is open and without panes. The roof comes in different colors to match your home. Isn't the perfect little playhouse?

Not only is it cute, but it will teach your children so many things. Did you know that kids learn to overcome their fears when they play pretend? Alice sure did! So can your children. Childhood fears are hard to overcome, but pretend play helps. It takes a safe environment to test our limits. Having your own space in your own back yard toy cubby house will give them that spot to challenge their fears and put their bravery to the test. After all facing down lions and tigers and bears in the jungle or pirates on the high seas can be pretty scary. But your child will figure out just how during their pretend play games.

Plus, kids learn how to be social and empathize. As your children will pretend to be so many different people, they will learn to act like those people. They may act like you and place a band aid on their stuffed animal because it got an owie or they may pretend to be a doctor or a nurse. These professions take a lot of empathy to do well, and your child will be learning how to use empathy by emulating it. It's so cool to watch a toy you have provided give so much to your kids wellbeing!

A cubby house and cubby fort means safety for parents who may be worried about their kids being in public parks. With our outdoor toys, your kids are safe playing in their own backyard with wooden cubbies that are build from organic Australian timber that is sanded down to a fine finish. You will appreciate the look of professional quality in your backyard, your kids will appreciate the lack of splinters.

You can also add more playground equipment to this cubby fort by choosing from PlayCubb's full line of outdoor playground equipment. There are swings sets, monkey bars, seesaws, and spring rockers, just to name a few. Your kids will be busy playing with their outdoor toys all day long, right in their own backyard, running and play in their fort and on their swings.

Our cubby houses and cubby forts come with accessories that your children will use to make their cubbies and even more fun place to play. These toys are a durable plastic and will last a long time. there is a steering wheel, binoculars, periscope, telephone and telescope. Playcubb also has many other accessories and outdoor toys that will accentuate the fun of your kids cubby for varying prices. These are things like a door kit, a skylight, flower boxes, swing sets and more.