About Us

Playcubb, over many years has grown to be the largest manufacturer of the kids cubby houses in Australia. From a very humble beginning, this family business located in Western Australia has developed over 15 years by providing best quality, efficient services and the best in the market products at a reasonable price to kids Australia.

By using the safest manufacturing material and utilizing only the very best quality timber that could be found in Australia and not cheap imported overseas timber, which are not suitable for Australian conditions, Playcubb offers to provide its customers with the assurance of durability of its products and a delight to the Aussie kids.

Playcubb prides itself in the innovation and not the imitation in the range of cubby houses, forts, swing set, playground equipment and many products that are more exciting designed in Australian.

Playcubb leads the pack of Australian market manufacturers in terms of safety and exclusive designs of its products and its consumers range from not only private households but also commercial entities such as by schools, play grounds, pre-schools and day care centers. In 2009, Playcubb also started to exporting their unique products to America, Hong Kong, Japan and Cocos Island.

The traditional cubby house in all Aussie backyards has always been the safest place to play. Playcubb has continued that tradition by using non-toxic specially treated timber in the cubbies to make sure that all our kids can play unharmed.

Our handcrafted DIY kits are sold Australia wide in many sizes and shapes at very affordable factory especially for you!