Monthly Archives: November 2014

Turn Your Child’s Cubby Into a Movie Theater for Parties

When you own a cubby house in your backyard, you never again have to rent a place for your child to have a themed birthday party. You already have the greatest place there could be! All you need to do is switch up the theme yearly - or for each child - and viola! Instant...

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Kids Playing In Their Cubby House

Having a cubby house is great for many different types of play. They offer exercise through active play and mental development through pretend play and better social skills through interactive play. But kids can also learn many things from just playing relaxing board games using their cubby house or more social skills by playing group...

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Cubby Houses and Forts Help Kids Play Pretend

When you provide your kids with one of our cubby houses to play in, you are providing the ultimate pretend play toy. It is their cubby home in their very own backyard - a place they can called their own. The benefits of pretend play for children are many, including the development of problem solving...

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